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Law Enforcement Impounds


Has your vehicle been impounded by our towing service? Here is what you need to know to retrieve your vehicle:


1. Contact the law enforcement agency that had your vehicle impounded. There may be a hold on the vehicle or requirements that need met prior to releasing.


2. If your vehicle was impounded by The Ohio State Highway Patrol or London City Police Department, please obtain your vehicle release from their office prior to arriving at our tow yard. *If your vehicle was impounded by the Madison County Sheriff's office you will need to come to our tow yard and pay your tow bill prior to obtaining your vehicle release.




4. Depending on where, when, type of vehicle, and requesting agency determines the price for your impound. If your vehicle is stored at our tow yard there will be a DAILY storage fee in addition to your tow bill. If your tow bill is paid and your vehicle has not been removed from our lot, daily storage will continue at the same rate after midnight of each night it remains in the lot.


5. Our tow yard (impound lot) is located at 6365 State Route 38 South East London, Ohio 43140. Our contact phone number is (740) 852-5069. We always recommend you contact us ahead of time so you will know the amount needed and stipulations required to retrieve your vehicle.


6. Upon arrival at our lot you will need to come in the office and pay your tow bill, please have your ID and vehicle release from law enforcement available (unless your vehicle was impounded for the Madison County Sheriff's office, then you will need to pay your tow bill and return to the sheriff's office for your release)


7. If your vehicle has been impounded and is being stored at the Madison County Sheriff's office impound lot you will need to come and pay our tow bill then return to the Madison County Sheriff's office to retrieve your vehicle.